The Rapid NLP Life Mastery System
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“Master the top secret techniques of the rich and famous...from the comfort of your couch."

  • A 12-module NLP training course in MP4 Video, MP3 Audio, and PDF Workbook...take control by choosing how you want to learn...

  • Acknowledged as one of the most powerful NLP certification courses available anywhere, at any price. Now you can learn every element of the program right in the comfort of your home… or anywhere that is convenient for you...

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Now whenever you want, wherever you want, and on any device that you want, you will have exclusive access to the top-secret techniques used by the rich and famous to get what they want. 

Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Tony Robbins...these are just some of the powerful and respected people who swear by these techniques.

"NLP has been a life-changer! If you’re doing sales or copywriting… reaching people on that deeper level is just essential! Get the course… you’re going to be really thankful!"

Addison Rice

Copywriter, Poet, Musician

"Wow, this is awesome! If I have these kinds of tools in my tool-belt, again. I think the opportunities are endless, and it all comes down to just a different way of thinking, and a different level of commitment to myself.”

Caroline Neitzel

Sales Professional

“Just interacting with Tim and seeing his practical, real-world approach to using NLP in everyday conversations, I was like, "Wow. I can do this."


Rob Rammuny

Sales Trainer. Investor. Philanthropist

NLP Experts Series

($297.00 Value, Included FREE)

“First Class access to interviews with the money-making NLP pros.”

  • This series consists of an interview program with NLP experts. You will enjoy exclusive access to interviews with genuine, authentic, and proven NLP professionals...

  • The experts discuss topics relating to persuasiveness and influence. You will discover how to create complete confidence in any situation, gain instant trust and respect with powerful body language, and more...

  • When you sign up here, you will enjoy exclusive access to tips from the pros on how these tools of persuasion can even make money for you...

As soon as five minutes from now, you could start learning and deploying the secret tools of the experts to become a more persuasive would you use this new toolbox? 

People just like you are already benefiting from this limited-time offer. In fact, my client Caroline recently said, “Wow, this is awesome! If I have these kinds of tools in my tool-belt...I think the opportunities are endless…

7 Step Rapid Transformation Coaching Workbook
($197.00 Value, Included FREE)

“A powerful 7-step system for reaching next-level success."

  • This system focuses on using and developing your new NLP skills. You will discover how to launch your clients or team to new levels of success with this limited-time offer...

  • This surprisingly simple system can be used by anyone, and so you will learn how your NLP skills will empower you in other aspects of your life...

  • This system teaches you how to take yourself to that next-level. You will benefit from better-defined goals...

Imagine waking up every day knowing that you are on the right track toward achieving your goals…maybe it’s making more money, maybe it’s dating more beautiful women, maybe it’s getting the recognition and status you deserve.

This system will do the work for you by keeping you on track so that you get what you want. See for yourself what this system has done for just some of my clients:

“Sure, we have far exceeded our current financial goals, but equally as important is that I’m feeling more and better connected to others, thus improving my relationships and my business.”

Dr. Larry Winans


“Things are crazy busy. Trying to manage this kind of growth! Ha! Great problem to have! I'm adding a client each week on average.”


Alissa Daire Nelson

Business Coach

“You get the feeling of, ‘Oh, this is going to work. We can really let this go now. We can really kick it into higher gear."



David Crocco

Business Owner & Musician

PLUS: Rapid NLP Practitioner Certification​

“Isn’t it time you got the status, recognition, and money-making opportunities you deserve?”

  • Upon successful completion of the course you will also receive a digital, printable certificate suitable for framing, plus the status and recognition you deserve as a RapidNLP Practitioner...

  • This certificate is free when you complete the Rapid NLP Life Mastery Course. And now that you are certified, you can use your status to get paid to help other people overcome their challenges...just as you overcame yours...

  • Normally, this type of certification would require upwards of $5,000+ in travel expenses to attend an in-person NLP certification program. But when you register for the Rapid NLP Life Mastery Course here, you get your certification absolutely free...along with the recognition and career opportunities that come with it...

How good would you feel getting paid to be a certified, respected expert on being a helpful hero to others?

 Fast Action Bonus: The Rapid NLP Productivity System
($497 Value, Included FREE)

“Accomplish more in the next 60 days than you have in the past 6 months."

  • The Rapid NLP Productivity Bonus is a powerful, 5-step NLP system. This secret system will eliminate your procrastination and trigger your deep, inner flipping a switch...

  • The Rapid NLP Productivity Bonus consists of video training and a productivity workbook. With these resources doing the work for you, you will feel unparalleled accomplishment as your to-do list becomes an all-done list...

  • When you sign up for the Rapid NLP Life Mastery System at [URL], you will get exclusive access to the Productivity Bonus absolutely free...a $697 value that you get as my gift to you...

You will feel focused, energized, and just plain unstoppable as your momentum builds...just sit back and relax while my productivity programming takes over and does the work for you.  


After all, if it worked for my client Robert, then it can work for you too. But don’t take my word for it, take a look for yourself what Robert said about his productivity:


“If you're an entrepreneur who has an established business or even a brand new business, I recommend you strongly consider working with Tim and his coaching program to grow your business. His insight, experience, and background will help you to rapidly grow your business in ways that you can't even imagine at this point… he increased my revenue 67%.” - Robert H., Consulting Firm President 

Super Bonus: The Rapid NLP 6-Figure Freedom System Training Bundle
($1,997 Value, Included FREE)

“Now it’s your turn to profit: transforming your new NLP Skills into a $100,000+ online freedom business.”

  • The Rapid NLP 6-Figure Freedom System is a training bundle that will show you how to turn your passion into a 6-figure freedom business...

  • Inside this step-by-step training, you will discover NLP mindset principles and techniques. I will take you by the hand and show you how you can use these techniques to be more will be able to work from home or anywhere in the world with just a Wi-Fi connection...

  • Whether you’re looking for an additional stream of income or want to change hte lives of millions with your passion project, you will get exclusive access to this super bonus when you sign up for the Rapid NLP Life Mastery System below. This is a $1,997 value that you are getting absolutely free as my super bonus gift to you as a valued client...

You will feel your confidence grow to new heights as limiting beliefs melt away...and the Freedom System does the work for you to turn your skills into six-figure cash flows.


Want proof? See for yourself how some of my clients describe my Freedom System: 

"With encouragement, advice, and strategies, Tim helped me take the leap of faith and quit my job to concentrate on my real passion. Things have been going better than I ever dreamed, and I just had a $5,000 weekend - amazing!"“Sure, we have far exceeded our current financial goals, but equally as important is that I’m feeling more and better connected to others, thus improving my relationships and my business.”

Wendy Phiel

Founder, Gingerly Packed



“The last business deal I made meant a lot to me, my brother, my family… our whole livelihoods…


I said I want to make $100,000 per year. I remember Tim told me… ‘Bump that up. At least a little bit. So I asked for $120,000 per year. And I got that and even more.”


Adam Ethofer

Executive Coach

“Tim is truly an expert in business coaching and referral systems. And those systems can help you create freedom. Now what you do with that freedom is totally up to you… If you want to make more money, be able to spend more time with your family, whatever you want. It’s all about helping you to accomplish that freedom and this guy is unbelievable when it comes to this stuff.”


Craig Sewing

Executive Producer & CEO



We're so confident you will be successful with the RapidNLP training system and bonuses that you can check out the entire package 100% risk-free for 60 days. 

You don't even need to make your final decision today: Try the entire training at our risk and if for any reason you don't feel it is worth at least 10x what you paid, simply email us and we will refund 100% of your purchase price - no questions asked.

Tim Tarango

Master NLP Trainer
Creator, The Rapid NLP Life Mastery System